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"My work with Christy in learning the basics of Qigong opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world of relaxation and revitalization.  In addition to learning exercises, I completed "table work" with Christy that each time changed my week for the better. Christy showed me, through Qigong, how to re-energize my body and my spirit, and I would highly recommend her to any and everyone."

Aisha B.


"Working with Christy has been the most beneficial healing I’ve ever experienced. Her presence and connection is grounding and restorative. Whenever I leave a session, I am lighter and freer. The heaviness of all that I’ve carried is no longer there to burden my heart, mind and soul. I recently saw a friend who knew I had been feeling out of balance, when she saw me the next week after my session with Christy, she said, 'What in the world have you done? You look wonderful and you’re glowing!' 

Christy honors her clients and follows up with them after sessions. Working with Christy has restored me in ways I never imagined possible. She is a gifted healer and I am so grateful for her." 

Mary D.

what is qigong

From Dr. Bernard Shannon's International College of Medical Qigong website (


'Qi' (pronounced chee), means air, breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.

'Gong' (pronounced gung, as in lung) means the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement.

Together, Qigong means the skill of cultivating vital energy, or the ability to work with the electromagnetic energy of the body.Qigong is a mind-body practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating postures, movement, breathing techniques, and focused intention.

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong therapy is the eldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine. It is a comprehensive system of health care, addressing the root cause of symptoms or disease, while treating the client as a whole. Medical qigong treatments are based upon a differential diagnosis rooted in Chinese medical theory.

In a Medical Qigong treatment, the practitioner, having developed through dedicated study and self-cultivation the ability to sense and manipulate energy, uses qi emission to restore health and wellness to the client. The practitioner may also teach medical qigong exercises and meditations.

Practiced as an excellent adjunct to Western medicine, medical qigong and Chinese medicine may successfully treat conditions which Western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous."

*Disclaimer - Christy Koster is not a medical doctor nor does she provide medical advice.  She has over 2,000 hours of training in Medical Qigong, a complementary energy healing modality.  Sessions with Christy Koster are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.




Intuitive qigong/reiki/acupressure sessions

This is my favorite type of session.  While I am always intuitively listening to your body no matter which healing modality you request, this one blends them all as your body directs.   

All sessions, no matter the modality, are generally very relaxing and also help to connect you to your own inner wisdom and guidance about your body. 

Intuitive sessions are also available for your pets.

$90 for a 60 min session;  3 sessions for $225 ($75 a session - paid in advance)

$120 for a 90 min session; 3 sessions for $315 ($105 a session - paid in advance)  

For an additional $35 travel fee, I can come to your home in Laguna Beach.  

I also offer remote treatments via telephone or skype. 

Medical qigong sessions

Medical Qigong sessions generally start with the General Protocol to clear energetic stagnations from the Five Yin Organs (Lungs, Liver, Heart, Spleen and Kidneys).  Each organ is also then tonified with healing energy. This balances the Qi of each of the organs and the Qi of the organ system as a whole.  A 90 minute session then allows for whatever your body directs as a secondary protocol.  Often a Qigong exercise will also be demonstrated and recommended for what your body needs.  

Medical Qigong sessions are also available for your pets.

$90 for a 60 min session;  3 sessions for $225 ($75 a session - paid in advance)

$120 for a 90 min session; 3 sessions for $315 ($105 a session - paid in advance)  

For an additional $35 travel fee, I can come to your home in Laguna Beach.  

I also offer remote treatments via telephone or skype. 

reiki sessions

Reiki Sessions generally focus on the Chakras but I always follow the guidance of your body and what it needs to release energetic stagnations and bring balance to your system.  

Reiki sessions are also available for your pets.

$90 for a 60 min session;  3 sessions for $225 ($75 a session - paid in advance)

$120 for a 90 min session; 3 sessions for $315 ($105 a session - paid in advance)  

For an additional $35 travel fee, I can come to your home in Laguna Beach.  

I also offer remote treatments via telephone or skype. 

Qigong exercise classes

Individual or group exercise classes are available at beautiful locations in Laguna Beach, at your home, or in East Nashville.  

$60 for 60 minute individual session

$90 for 90 minute individual session

$20 per person for group classes of 3; $15 for 4 or more participants

I can create a series of exercises just for you based on your specific goals.  You can also choose from a few tried and true amazing sets that I have trained in to teach including:

The Daoist Five Yin Organ Exercises - this is the foundational set of exercises taught at the International College of Medical Qigong (ICMQ).  It focuses on clearing and strengthening the Qi of the Five Yin Organs (Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart and Spleen).  This is best taught in a series of 4 -6 sessions.  

The Eight Silk Brocade - this ancient set of 8 exercises helps systemically strengthen the Qi of the whole body and helps open and stretch the tendons.  This can be taught in one session but 2 - 3 sessions for follow up questions is best.  

The Hun Yuan - this is another set of 8 exercises that systemically strengthens the Qi of the whole body.  The Hun Yuan was created by Master Feng Zhi Qiang in the 19th century and this particular set of 8 exercises was developed by Dr. Bernard Shannon (ICMQ).  This is best taught in a series of 2 - 4 sessions.  

The Golden Ball Exercise -  another series of 8 movements taught at the ICMQ.  This particular exercise helps build Qi in the 8 Extraordinary Vessels (the Qi savings account).  This can be taught in one session with a follow up session for questions as needed.  

Acupressure sessions

Acupressure Sessions generally start with a head/neck/shoulder release and then follow the guidance of your body.  Acupressure also works to  break up energetic stagnations and bring Qi flow to the whole body utilizing the same points as acupuncture, only using finger pressure instead of needles.  

$90 for 60 minutes; 3 sessions for $225 ($75 a session - paid in advance)

$120 for 90 minutes; 3 sessions for $315 ($105 a session - paid in advance)

For an additional $35 travel fee, I can come to your home in Laguna Beach.

Pilot programs

I am currently offering two pilot programs based on the clinical study work done recently to complete my Doctorate of Medical Qigong studies.  These are only available for a short time.  The first appointment must be by April 1 and all appointments must complete by May 31, 2020.

The first pilot program is a series of 4 acupressure sessions focused on the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.  The 4 sessions are offered at a discount of only $250 for all 4.  You will receive 4 hands-on table sessions and be taught a simple series of qigong exercises that you will be asked to practice regularly.  The sessions ideally will be scheduled 1 week apart with the pilot program lasting one month.  Please feel free to contact me for more details or with any questions.

The second pilot program is also a series of 4 sessions offered for $250.  This series will focus on the Chakras.  Each session will start with the Medical Qigong General Protocol and then work on clearing and tonifying the Chakras.  The 7 Primary Chakras from Root to Crown will be balanced by the end of the 4th session.  This program will also include an exercise/meditation set focused on the Chakras to be practiced regularly.  Ideally these sessions will also be scheduled 1 week apart and conclude within one month.  Once again, please feel free to contact me for more details or with any questions.

my story

After a serious decline in my health, that western medicine was unable to diagnose let alone heal, I turned to Eastern Medicine.  My western doctors ran every test they could think of and put me on many rounds of antibiotics and other medications but to no avail.  Acupuncture, massage, and qigong not only returned my health but changed the trajectory of my life's journey.

I have been studying and practicing qigong and other alternative healing modalities for over a decade.  I studied massage therapy at Natural Health Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.  During a Reiki Class session in massage school, I had the inspiration for the name Infinite Heart Healing.  The Reiki Master guiding the session saw an image during the same healing session similar to the one to the right, which felt like a perfect fit as the Infinite Heart Healing logo.  Her prototype drawing was the inspiration for this image. It is a little like a Rorschach drawing -- everyone seems to see something different.  I love that!  We are all unique individuals, sharing more in common than having differences.  There are several common themes many people see in the drawing but no two people shared seeing the exact same things.  In the time since this early session, I have come to understand the Heart's ability to heal is infinite.  I continue to heal body, mind, and spirit  through a holistic, Heart-centered approach.

Also while in massage school, I took an Eastern Anatomy and Physiology Class.  We were shown a PBS video of a qigong master named Master Duan, which piqued my interest in qigong.  I began a 32 hour Medical Qigong course the following week with J. Michael Wood, MMQ through the International Institute of Medical Qigong.  I then went on to finish the 200 hour Practitioner level and 500 hour Therapist level with J. Michael Wood in Nashville.  

I then continued on to finish the 1,000 hour Master of Medical Qigong with Dr. Bernard Shannon, DMQ, DTCM in Ca. I am currently in the process of finishing the 2,000 hour Doctorate of Medical Qigong Course with Dr. Bernard Shannon through the International College of Medical Qigong.  I have also taken many additional advanced trainings with Dr. Shannon.  As it turns out, Master Duan was one of Dr. Shannon's teachers...this is the kind of synchronicity I enjoy witnessing.  

Qigong became my first love.  It is a toss-up as to what my favorite aspect of qigong is: self-cultivation through qigong exercises; teaching qigong exercises to others; giving a hands-on medical qigong session; receiving a session; being in class with fellow students; being a Teacher Assistant to Dr. Shannon.... I thoroughly enjoy them all.  It continues to be a journey that fills me at times with deep peace and contentment and other times has me mining the depths of my wounds to release and purge another layer of energetic stagnation. 

I look forward to sharing with you any of the healing modalities I have studied in whichever capacity you like (sharing stories, teaching Qigong exercises, giving you a hands-on session) and to whatever depth you want to take it.  I look forward to meeting you where you are on your journey and sharing the road together for whatever period of time we are meant to share.  

According to the Shen Nong Ben Cao, one of China's oldest medical texts (second century c.e.), the highest aspect of healing involves helping individuals fulfill their destiny so that they can live out the years allotted to them by Heaven. The next highest aspect is the nourishment of people's inborn nature (connection to prenatal virtues of integrity, wisdom, compassion, equanimity, and trust). Finally, the lowest class of healing is to treat specific physical illnesses. In its highest form, then, Chinese medicine focuses on individuals' health in the overall context of their lives. Health is manifested when one lives in harmony with the laws of nature and represents a profound integration of function on all levels: spiritual, mental, and physical. The presence of dis-ease represents a denial and loss of the true self.

My studies have also been steeped in Daoist philosophy.  One concept I very much try to practice in life and with my clients is Wu Wei.  There are many ways to express this concept: living in the present; going with the flow; living in harmony with nature, including and especially one's own nature.  Living according to Wu Wei naturally reduces stress as you are not fighting against the tides.

I have also taken many Continuing Education classes steeped in Chinese medicine, including over 200 hours of acupressure.  I love to learn and love to share my passion for qigong.  I currently share my time between Laguna Beach, Ca and Nashville, Tn.  I have shared a picture below that I have taken of the gorgeous sunsets I am blessed to witness in Laguna Beach.


Medical Qigong Practitioner (200 hours) 4/2009 

Medical Qigong Therapist (500 hours) 10/2010

(International Institute of Medical Qigong, teacher - J. Michael Wood, MMQ, Nashville, Tn)

Master of Medical Qigong (1,000) hours) 6/2011 

Doctorate of Medical Qigong Candidate (2,000 hours) 10/2018 

(International College of Medical Qigong, teacher - Dr. Bernard Shannon, DMQ, DTCM)

Reiki Master/Teacher 10/2008

Licensed Massage Therapist (TN) Lic. # 7103 4/2008

Certified Massage Therapist (Ca) Cert #73102 4/2017


"You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean, in a drop."

"Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that."

"It's your road and yours alone.  Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you."


additional testimonials


"I had a revelatory experience during my first session with Christy Koster. I'm not a person who normally seeks the benefits of the healing arts, but this had come after a stressful week of buying a house and planning a move, two events that left with me without an appetite and severely sleep deprived. Needless to say, I was a mess when I lay on her table, but not so upon leaving. I was amazingly relaxed--more so than I'd been in weeks. And hungry as it turns out. After our session, I took her advice and surrendered to the Universe, which said 'rest and restore.' At home I ate a full rack of ribs, three pimento cheese sandwiches, and an embarrassing amount of granola and protein shakes. Then I slept for twelve hours and woke up feeling marvelous. For anyone looking to have their reset button pressed, I highly recommend a shared qigong experience with Christy Koster." 

Sam K.


I started working with Christy more out of hope than a deep belief in what qi gong could do for me.  When she told me she had just learned a protocol for multiple myeloma, I felt it was meant to be.  Now, I can't imagine having gone through so much chemo and a stem cell transplant without her.  I have healed so well and so fast that even my doctor said it was more than what medicine could do.  Christy also helped me manage what few side effects I did have from the treatments.  And on top of that, she is just great to hang out with!

Katherine S. 

selective qualitative commentary from women's doctoral study




“Before, my cramps and back pain were debilitating. They are still there, but much easier to handle. I can still go about my day. Doing qigong has allowed me to work through suppressed and repressed issues that needed to be dealt with. Although it wasn’t always emotionally easy, qigong made dealing with those emotions less overwhelming making me feel like I could figure myself out and let go. Qigong makes me energetic and excited for what life has to offer.” FM

“I definitely feel that things have shifted throughout this program. I feel ‘lighter’ and as if I can handle things better. I feel more in tune with my cycles. I would say this was a very big shift as I was able to uncover a lot of buried trauma through this program. I just want to say this program was amazing! It felt easy to connect into and I was able to gain many insights into the process of healing through it. I felt it as a completion point for me on my healing journey, and what a perfect completion point it was!” JJB

“My mood swings and irritability have decreased dramatically. I cry a lot less during PMS and I feel less overwhelmed and anxious during PMS and menses. I have more tools now to really impact my health and how I live my life to ensure better health. I feel confident reaching to my new tools to more productively deal with my emotions and mental states. I feel as though I am more gentle with myself and beat myself up less. I feel more content in my life and nothing has changed in regards to work, relationships, etc. I have worked through some issues that I did not believe were still issues. I feel I am more open to recognizing what may need to be brought to the surface in order to be able to move it out.” LR 

“I experienced periods of rawness during the program with intense highs and lows- but this led to a huge opening for me. The openness and vulnerability allowed me to face emotions that Ive never faced head on. I feel much more free and open. I feel like I’ve moved through some patterns that made me feel ‘stuck’ and helped prepare me for a new life transition. During the program I decided to travel and move - something I wasn’t quite planning on! I always had the idea- but I experienced a shift that helped move me through the decision and feel into what was right for me. As mentioned above, this program spring boarded me through a HUGE shift in my life. It helped me move through old blockages and challenge old limiting thoughts. Couldn’t be more thankful for this healing experience. I feel as if I’m able to take action and live the life I’ve dreamed. Thank you.” EF

“I feel myself awakening to my inner being and allowing a part of myself I closed off opening up. Sex became painful and I turned off myself and any ideas of sexuality and I am opening to that part of myself again.  As a piece of the overall wellness path I have been on I feel this has been a key element in my overall well being. I feel more aware. This has definitely opened a door I have stepped through and this too is a practice of finding self love and acceptance of myself exactly as I am.” DD


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